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Liquidmetal Inventor: Apple Will Use It In A ‘Breakthrough Product’

We’ve been hearing a lot about Liquidmetal lately, mostly because of rumors that Apple could be using the alloy in its next iPhone. But what exactly is Liquidmetal? What makes it so special that… Read More
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Bulk Metallic Glasses: From Fundamentals to Applications: Atakan Peker; Washington State University, Invited Speaker
During the past two decades, Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG) received an increasing attention from academia and industry. Researchers developed several new alloy formulations, performed extensive structure and property characterization, and end-user engineers explored creative ways to use BMG in various products. Despite all these efforts, the commercial success of BMG is still quite limited. This presentation will give a concise review of these efforts and will consider the underlying issues key to broader success and applications of BMG. Some of these issues are inherent to BMG fundamentals and are difficult challenges to address in the near term. There are also issues, which can be resolved in the near term with better awareness and focused effort by the BMG community. This presentation will focus on these issues and review recent attempts to address such challenges with particular attention to structural applications.
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